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About NOS Tubes

NOS Tubes in Our Online Catalog

We have a large number of NOS tubes in stock. Popular tube type categories (i.e. 12AX7) have NOS stock listed at the bottom. Many tubes listed by numbers are also NOS tubes.

Please note that our NOS stock is in constant flux. We cannot always guarantee availability.

What is NOS

NOS (New Old Stock) tubes are unused tubes that have been in storage for one reason or another. Since tube production ceased in US, Europe and Japan in the 1980's, most NOS tubes are 30 years or older.

Where NOS tubes come from

NOS tubes come from military, government, TV/Radio repair shops, and other various surplus outlets.

Military has been a major source of NOS tubes. In US, these tubes are called JAN (Joint Army Navy) NOS tubes. Some military equipment have extremely long service life, and those designed with vacuum tubes require that the spares are kept. As equipments come to end of life, surpluses were sold off.

Many TV/radio shops have also kept vacuum tube stock. As years went by, those shops close down and liquidate their stock.

Condition of NOS tubes

NOS tubes vary greatly in their condition and appearances due to different conditions they were stored in. Also, NOS tubes don't always come in boxes as many were stored in bulk pack. Some NOS tubes do not even have manufacturers logo, as they were meant for other OEM's.

While we try our best to describe NOS tubes we have for sale, we cannot always guarantee conditions of NOS tubes. If external conditions are important to you, pleast inquire us before purchase.

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